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Get The Look: Winter Whites Done Right

Get The Look Winter Whites Done Right
Domaine Home recently wrote an article on how to achieve the classic winter white look for your interior space. It's a look that we really love here at Diseño. Not only is it a simple look, but one you can add so many dimensions to by treating the white as a canvas you can create and build upon with colorful and textural accents, especially art. It's also a great way to bring in and frame the surrounding landscape.

1. Since white is such a neutral color, use other elements to liven up the space such as different textures and fabrics. Experiment with fur, hide, and leather to elevate the room. Shop here for some throws we love, including alpaca wool, rabbit fur, and sheepskin. They'll add a sense of luxury and warmth to the room.

2. Add subtle, warm accents of color and texture through pillows, tabletop accessories, and carpets. They'll add a playful element to the room and add depth to the palette. Shop here for some pillows, like our brown woven leather pillows or our Peruvian hand-embroidered pillow.

3. Place vintage and rustic items and smaller furniture pieces in the room to inject a little character. Wood or glass pieces are a safe bet, with the glass complementing the white and the wood adding a nice rustic contrast. A simple way to add wooden elements is through tabletop accessories such as our handcrafted Lenga wood serving dish. For glass, take a look at our vintage Italian Murano glass pieces that come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes making them really dynamic.

Now you have three tips for making your own indoor winter wonderland, incorporating color, texture, and character. Here at Diseño, we strive to offer decor and products that embody all of these factors with natural elements and materials and unique, eye-catching accessories. Take a look at the rest of our site here and find the right accessories for your home. Happy decorating!

Frank Campanale

Remodeling and Home Design