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Our Definitive Guide Through Lima, Peru

Our Definitive Guide Through Lima Peru

After reading Travel & Leisure’s definitive guide to Lima we decided to put together our own list of favorite places. Whether you’re looking for craft shopping, quality cuisine, or nightlife we’ve got you covered with the best places in town.

“In Peru's coastal capital, the art scene is thriving, new shops and hotels have opened, and local chefs are turning out some of the most exciting dishes in Latin America.”

Stay: We love the Casa Andina Select; centrally located, wonderful staff, new and somewhat budget-friendly. The resort offers 100% non-smokers rooms, events, Wi-Fi included, an on-site ATM, and valet parking. Guests can enjoy the fitness room, sauna, and Jacuzzi’s at their leisure.

The Inca Market is a must. Take the time to cruise the aisles. We always find some great vintage treasures and much of what is sold is hand-made by locals.

Our favorite boutiques for more high-end Peruvian-made wares, we always go to the barrio of Barranco, and in particular, Dedalo, a shop/gallery/cafe in a restored colonial mansion just on the seaside. The neighborhood is fantastic! Wander around and you'll find more galleries, shops, cafes and great newly restored architecture.

Things to see/do:
Museo Larco, a so-called "house museum," established by a prominent family in Lima has a staggering collection of Peruvian art and artifacts dating back some 5000 years. With a wonderful cafe and elegant gardens, this museum is a must see.

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo: According to T+L, MAC opened in "last year in a warehouse-like space." It's Lima's most recent art institution with music, dance and exhibitions that include works from Latin photographers such as Morfi Jiménez Mercado and Mario Silva.

Walk the waterfront with a spectacular cliff overlooking the sea with a sculpture garden, cafes and shopping. We even walked the distance from Miraflores to Barranco, all along the sea cliff, which is a long walk but well worth it.

Parque de Agua is also a fun activity. At night various water fountains in the park are programmed with colored lights to create a spectacular show. See some of my personal pictures below!

Eat: For lunch, we like La Mar Cevicheria, El Mercado Cevicheria, and El Pecador Cevicheria, which are probably the top three spots in Lima to eat ceviche making it a must for lunch, but ONLY for lunch. Below are personal pictures of a ceviche dish as well as pisco sours and ceviche at La Mar Cevicheria.

For dinner, there are too many to list! We love Maido, which has Peruvian/Japanese fusion. It's one of the best I tried while being there! Also, Central for lunch or dinner has very special contemporary Peruvian cuisine. A final favorite gem of mine is Panchito, a traditional Peruvian grill restaurant in San Miguel.

Lima is known as one of the world's top dining cities and it's no wonder. Do your research and dive in! We do not recommend wasting calories in this city!

Lima’s nightlife:
Popular nightlife spots in Lima include a popular bar called Café Haiti, which has been around since the 1960's. It's said that locals usually go there for a refreshing Pisco Sour before going out to a movie or club.

Another great spot in Barranco is La Noche, which has two bars and a stage for live music. If you like jazz, this is the place to be on Monday nights.

updated: 8 years ago

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