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Product of the Week: Our Patagonia Stools

Product of the Week Our Patagonia Stools
Made in Buenos Aires, our Patagonia stool is one of the most popular and unique products we have. With five wood legs and a padded sheepskin seat, it's both a sturdy and comfortable seating option for any bedroom or living room. The stools actually take inspiration from an Argentine tradition of sitting in front of fires to talk and drink the local beverage, mate. The stool is the perfect height for this!

The unique design is reflective of the history and diverse region of the Patagonia area, which has several rich resources such as the lenga wood and sheepskin seen in the craftsmanship of the stool. To add more of a modern touch, the stools come in a variety of natural colors such as white, beige, grey, and black as well as dyed colors, seen below. Not suprisingly, they also have a home in the Museum of Modern Art in Buenos Aires! The stool measures 14" wide and 16" tall. Check out the collection here!

Frank Campanale
Remodeling and Home Design