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Product of the Week: Alpaca Silver- Elegant home decor accessories

Product of the Week Alpaca Silver- Elegant home decor accessories
Our alpaca silver products are some of our most distinct and beautiful home decor accessories. Alpaca silver, which is made of an alloy similar to that of sterling silver, offers the refined look of silver while it doesn't tarnish, stain or rust. This allows it to remain in superb condition over a period of time, making it the perfect material for our sleek, yet sturdy trays and boxes. Originally invented in Europe and known as "German Silver," this material has stood the test of time and pairs well with organic materials such as horn and bone.

Adorned with either horn or bone handles, our trays have a contemporary yet rustic look. They're a great addition to any room in the home, creating a bold statement with handsome lines and curves paired with the detailed carving of the bone and horn handles. Simple and elegant!

The alpaca silver and horn handcrafted dresser boxes are great to store jewelry or any other trinkets that need safe keeping. Choose from boxes that have hinged lids or opt for a loose lid model, both with a natural horn embedded design that adds a touch of sophistication and beauty.

Pairing alpaca silver with more natural materials makes a striking and unique combination. More boldly, see it act as more of an accent to some of our larger and more dramatic horn products such as our candlesticks and bookends. Both have a rustic, masculine, and elegant finish to them that can complement a living room, study, or dining room. These are home accents even the guys have to have!

All of the products listed above range from $50-300 and can be found here! Get these distictive statement pieces in alpaca silver today!

Frank Campanale

Remodeling and Home Design