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Product of the Week: Rich and Unique Natural Fiber and Llama Wool Pillows

Product of the Week Rich and Unique Natural Fiber and Llama Wool Pillows
On a recent shopping excursion to Buenos Aires, we came across these beautiful and simple products made of 100% natural fibers, specifically pillows and throws. The textiles and designs are inspired by the Argentine culture and as you will see in the pictures below, this results in some pretty unique patterns and rich, bold colors.

These products bring together the materials and techniques of the indigeonous people of Argentina with the style and sophistication of designers in Buenos Aires, and are made with the notion in mind to improve Argentina's textile culture.

We carry three kinds of pillows including our "chaguar" fiber pillows, llama wool herringbone patterned pillows, and the very unique star shaped pillows. The chaguar pillows are made with natural chaguar fibers which are known for their rich natural colors and linen-like texture. They come in two sizes of 22"X12" and 18"x18."

The llama pillow is made with natural llama wool fibers, soft, rich and luxurious. The material is warm, light weight, wrinkle resistant, and durable! Comes in size 20" X 20."

Last, but not least, is our star pattern pillow. Made of rich herringbone weave of llama wool, the pillow comes in the shape of a star with a 20" diameter.

Check out the the rest of our pillow and throw collection here.

Made with love in Argentina and Peru, these one of a kind items will add a little color, texture, warmth and style to your home.

Frank Campanale

Remodeling and Home Design