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What Is Latin Design?

What Is Latin Design

We speak quite confidently here about Latin design. Our brochures even attempt to answer the question of “What is Latin Design?” with descriptive words like color, texture, warmth and style. But are we being too simplistic? We decided to do a little research to make an official inquiry. Here’s what we found.

Contemporary Latin American design, as it relates to home decor, is a rich and somewhat complex topic as we consider what is unique about these cultures south of our border. What can we say broadly about these cultures? Well first, perhaps that they are far more homogeneous than their northern neighbors. As a result, they are generally more attached to their region’s history, culture, and traditions. These traditions include a design aesthetic that is heavily focused on hand made crafting and fashion, incorporating techniques such as weaving, sewing, and dying fabrics.

While Latin American design has strong roots in their culture there is also a strong influence from North America and Europe that lends itself to producing new and modern design practices. As a result, designers experiment with various forms and materials, the products have a sense of sophistication and authenticity that’s hard to find in other parts of the world.

Of course, with art and design, the geography and climate along with traditional raw materials play a role in the development just as much as the culture. This can be seen in the use of leather and hide in the designing of items such as handbags, furniture, and carpets.

Some say Latin cultures are also more male dominant. How might that show up in design? Do we see more masculine influences? The answer is yes and no. Masculine influences can be seen in the materials and shapes used to make certain products such as our own silver and horn candlesticks and bookends or our hide leather ottomans. However, the deep and rich colors of Latin America such as bold reds, golden yellows, and forest greens add a sense of warmth and balance to the sometimes rugged aesthetic.

To sum it up, contemporary Latin design is a blending of a vibrant and deep rooted culture mixed with modern design practices that offer a truly refreshing take on home design and décor. Due to the handmade element of the products, it’s like having a piece of culture in your home that’s unique as well as aesthetically pleasing. It’s a kind of design that has roots in the past, but continues to grow in the future making it timeless and a definite must have in your design palate.

Frank Campanale

updated: 8 years ago

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