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Get The Look: A Wordly Bachelor Pad

Get The Look A Wordly Bachelor Pad
We recently came across the article,"Anatomy of a Room: A Worldly Bachelor Pad" in Lonny magazine that showcased a modern day bachelor pad we could see ourselves living in. Before designer Christina Loucks made the big transformation, there was only a pool table in this living room space! Using masculine elements to spruce up the room, Loucks chose pieces that had "diverse textures, tones, and metals, for an eclectic and highly personal living space." See the changes below along with our tips on how to achieve the look.

For the lighting:

Loucks used a Vintage Barn glass pendant light. She says,""We added a pendant over the sitting area to anchor the space. I like the clear glass because it doesn't take up any visual space." An nice alternative to glass would be our porcelain pendant lights from Buenos Aires that give off a warm glow. Some of them come with a crackle glaze, making each one unique.

For the sofa:

An Ainslie sofa was placed in the center of the room. ""It was a challenge to find a sofa that was right for this space—not too boxy, not too feminine, and not too big. Because it's floating in the center of the room, it was important that it have unobtrusive lines." Our Aurora sofa is comparable with a box tufted single back and single seat cushions.

For the desk:

Loucks chose a French Factory metal desk that had a "gorgeous metal finish and served as a great jumping off point for the design." We think our custom made steel and glass top table also gives that great industrial vibe with a sleek and polished look, especially with our leather table runner draped across.

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For the coffee table:

A Pascual coffee table was used. "It was important to have a reflective surface among all the darker ones. This piece anchors the area while remaining light in appearance," says Loucks. Our pickled oak wood table with raw steel is custom made and reflects off of the lighter wood, giving an option other than a glass top.

For the accent chair:

The classic 1938 vintage Butterfly chair acted as a statement piece. "This chair nods to classic vintage styles, while maintaining the rustic vibe with leather-strung hide." We couldn't agree more and it's one of our most popular and beloved items we sell in the store. See our collection here.

With items like these in your bachelor pad, you may not remain a bachelor for long! Definitely an attractive and appealing aesthetic that's easy to transform with all the right elements. See the original article here and let us know what you think!

Frank Campanale
Remodeling and Home Design