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Our Favorite Creative Shopping Bag Designs this Season

One of the most overlooked aspect of product marketability is the special packaging it comes in as this can help cultivate a following by attracting attention. These bags create enviable hype and shopping memories by bringing customers flocking into stores so they can experience the joys of displaying this intriguing modern world art.

These are way more fun to carry around and most can be reused. We've put together a few of our favorite examples from Architecture & Design that we think are eye catching and cleaver. Hope you enjoy and, of course, feel free to check out the original article here.


At Diseno we prefer simplicity with a twist. We call it the holiday gift explosion; mix and match items to make the perfect bag of gifts for your loved ones! We make it easy, place your order and then pick up your ready to go gift bag on the same or next business day!

Frank Campanale

updated: 8 years ago

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