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Product of the Week: Our Collection of Organic Cotton Scarves, Shawls, and Table Runners from Guatemala

Product of the Week Our Collection of Organic Cotton Scarves, Shawls, and Table Runners from Guatemala
We're excited to share with you our new collection of organic cotton scarves, shawls, and table runners from Guatemala, just in time for the fall holiday season! All of the pieces are woven with wild organic cotton that is found in the mountainous region of Guatemala where the descendants of the Mayan civilization still live till this very day. Because the cotton that is used is wild, it has not been genetically modified or artifically crossed with other materials making it completely natural. The beautiful colors are also an effect of nature with natural hues of brown, green, cream, and blue. The natural cotton is never dyed.

The scarves and shawls are elegant, lightweight and soft, great for the fall weather to go with your favorite coat or sweater:

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The table runners, made out of the same organic cotton, are a nice touch to any dining table and great for upcoming holiday dinner parties. They will add a touch of warm natural color to your decor. We offer a more casual and durable runner, which is good for everyday use. This one comes in natural colors of green, cream, and brown, shown below.

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We especially love our more refined and elegant runner, with a border pattern, contrasting or tone on tone, and with a simple fringe. These are great for a more formal dining table.

diseno 427

The mixed green and brown striped patterned runners have a more intricate and traditional striped pattern. They too are refined yet durable. All will impress your guests, or just look great every day.
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With so many options, you're sure to find a use for any or all of these lovely items. Check out the collection of table runners here as well as our shawls and scarves. Purchasing these items also helps to stimulate the local economies in Guatemala and allows these great artisans to publicize their beautiful handwork.

Frank Campanale

Remodeling and Home Design