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2016 Buying trip to Argentina and Uruguay!

2016 Buying trip to Argentina and Uruguay

La Mutate, Cafe and boutique, Jose Ignacio, Uruguay

Each year in February, a typically slow season for retail in frosty Boston, we venture south to Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, and Colombia in search of great finds, both new and modern as well as vintage and artisanal, to add to our store collection. This year's trip was focused on not only Buenos Aires and the surrounding countryside, but also the simple and elegant beach and hill towns around Punta Del Este in Uruguay.

We draw inspiration from the markets, boutique hotels, and hip new restaurants, where mostly creative collectors and entrepreneurs bring together their dynamic ideas infused with local products to express what's new and exciting from their part of the world.

This time, we were especially excited to visit the CASAZINC Posada and Trading Post (www.casazinc.com) in La Barra, Uruguay, where designer Aaron Hojman has created, from the ground up, a unique and inviting boutique hotel. It's a space so well curated, one thinks they have stepped back in time. Each of the public spaces as well as the guest rooms have been sparingly outfitted with vintage finds to accompany the overall elegant and comfortable atmosphere. Rooms are equipped with the finest of bedding, while technological needs are attended too as well, but in a discrete and efficient way.

Image courtesy of Remodelista

"Owned by Arron Hojman, the hotel is located in the quiet enclave of La Barra away from the fray of nearby Punta del Este. Hojman used a mixture of industrial design with salvaged finds to design the hotel managing to make it look as if it has been a local fixture forever. His love of all things vintage is evident in the hotel’s decor as well as in his nearby shop, the Trading Post, where he sells an eclectic selection of antiques and found objects. For more, go to Casa Zinc."
Credit: Remodelista

Also visited In Uruguay, in and around Punta Del Este and Jose Ignacio:

El Garzon, Bodega and Restuarant of Francis Mallmann
Parador La Huella- Jose Ignacio, one of the top 50 restaurants in the world, and, an overgrow beach shack.
La Pataia- A working farm outside of Punta Del Este known for it's production of some of the finest "dule de leche" around.
Popeye- Best ice ream shop in Jose Ignacio
La Mutate- Lovely cafe and boutique in Jose Ignacio
Casa Pueblo- Hotel, museum, gallery and cafe, home of the late Uruguayan painter Carlo Paez Vilaro. Fina art, spectacular views.
El Refugio- My simple inn of choice when visiting the area. Steps from the sea.
Explora Chihuahua- Loti's lovely cafe on the beach in Chihuahua. Great food and drinks, hospitality, guests, and the best sunsets ever!

In Buenos Aires:
La Mar Cevicheria of Gaston Acurio, top chef in Lima, Peru, new outpost in Palermo Hollywood.
Palacio Barolo- By Italian imigrant architect Luis Barolo, completed in 1923, was the tallest office building in all of South America, eclectic, art deco, art neuveau, and mostly, in tribute to the cosmology of Dante Alegheri's Divine Comedy.
Teatro Colon- Espectacular! Opera house of Buenos Aires, one of the finest in the world.
Desnivel- Lovely traditional restuarant "parilla" in the San Telmo barrio of Buenos Aires. Best emanadas anywhere!
Daiki- Shiatsu massage in Buenos Aires.
Pride Cafe- Insitution in San Telmo.
Editor Market and Cafe- Now open in Palermo Hollywood, a muti-level home and fashion emporium with a very nice cafe for lunch or afternoon coffee.
La Querencia- Tradional food from the north of Argentina, in the heart of Recoleta, Buenos Aires.
Miranda- Fashionable parrilla in the middle of Palermo Soho.
Le Pain Quotidien- A small, fine quality cafe chain, originally from Brussels, Belgium, great for healthy, creative and beautiful food and drinks, mostly organic. Great addition to this city!
Green Eat- Another new, healthy, fresh mostly lunch alternative, with 3 locations in the city. A happy addition!

For more information about this trip, or any of our shopping, dining, museum excursions please call or email us today!

Safe and happy traveling!

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