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Claudio Giannini: The Story of an Argentine Artist

Claudio Giannini The Story of an Argentine Artist
Over the years, we've had the pleasure of knowing and collecting art from one of Latin America's most renowned artists, Claudio Giannini. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, he started out his career as a psychologist before finally turning his passion to art. Focusing mainly on painting with acrylics on canvas, his paintings have a signature whimsicality to them using rich and bright colors to convey warmth and an easy likability. More interesting is the way Giannini perceives the connection between art and humans in which he says, "

‘All human beings need to create, it might be bread or it might be art, but for everyone it offers personal fulfillment. And the more generous we are, the greater the return – especially in art. What I paint is the here and now and I hope that everyone can see the social value in my work.’


Many of his newer collage paintings feature images of boats, cars, and planes signifying Giannini's love of traveling and the outdoors. On our recent trip to Buenos Aires, we acquired a number of these collage works as well as acrylic on canvas paintings. We're happy to share them with you now in our showroom gallery, which is on display throughout the summer.

Giannini's artworks can be found on display in more than 30 countries around the world in both private and public collections. These exhibitions include the Alison Gallery in Miami, the Flore Kernec in Paris, the Museo del Parco in Milan, Semana del Arte Vigo in Spain, and Hazel & Sid in Connecticut. For more information on Giannini and updates on his artwork, check out his Facebook page and be sure to like it!

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