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Fun Fact: 10 Things To Do During The First 10 Minutes Of Your Day!

Fun Fact 10 Things To Do During The First 10 Minutes Of Your Day

Who doesn't like having great days? It all starts from the moment you wake up. It's easy to set a positive and productive tone if you do (or avoid doing) some key things. C'mon, it only takes 10 minutes!

  • Don't hit snooze — Getting a late start only leads to morning stress so when that alarm goes off, try try try to get your feet on the floor the first time.
  • Write something down — Did you have any good ideas or dreams while you were asleep? Get them down right away. Your relaxed, sleeping brain is open to ideas that you might not come up with while preoccupied with daytime activities so take advantage of any flashes of genius you have.
  • Forget yesterday, focus on today — Still stressed about things that happened yesterday? Why? You can't change it so let it go.
  • Think of something you're grateful for/ excited about — There's always something to look forward to.
  • Leave your phone alone — Do yourself a favor and log at least 10 minutes of life sans screen time first thing in the morning. You can still check the weather, your email and the news, just don't do it while lying in bed.

  • Drink a glass of water — It never hurts to be hydrated so get a jump start on your daily water intake first thing.
  • Get some natural light — Throw open those curtains right away! Getting a little sun will make your brain wake up and realize it's time to function. Waking up in the dark on these long winter mornings? Take a mid-morning walk, open a window and do your best to get a little light. It'll perk you right up.
  • Stretch — Get your blood flowing with a little light stretching.
  • Make the bed — It's not only us, science says making your bed will make your whole day better.
  • Do something you don't want to (and cross it off your list) — Dreading doing a chore you hate is so much worse than actually doing it. Get it out of the way right away and free up that mental energy.

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(Image credits: Abby Stone; Monica Wang; Alexis Buryk)

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