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What I like about what I do: Travel, Sourcing, Exploring, Meeting

What I like about what I do Travel, Sourcing, Exploring, Meeting

Inside Bogota's Gold Museum circular gallery

People often ask what I like most about what I do. Is it the travel, the shopping, the meeting new people? Yes to all of the above, and more. I travel throughout the year, mostly to Latin American countries, in search of fine quality, unique and interesting home decor products and art for my showroom. I go to large event expo type shows, in Lima, Bogota, Buenos Aires, but I also do a lot fo exploring on my own. People refer me to other people, I peruse open markets, antique shops, workshops and artist studios wherever I travel. Mostly, I love sharing my adventures with others, helping people plan their trips, bringing friends and family along on mine, and bringing friends together in my favorite far of locales.

What do I like most? The adventure. I love to explore, to discover, even if I just think I'm discovering something new and exciting, by now I have a pretty good sense of what's new and different, or old and different, and what my clientele might like. And occasionally, I pick something up for myself as well! I love nothing more than to hear about a small street in Lima with antiques stalls where I'll find vintage Murano glass pieces from Italy. I love knowing about the guy at the San Telmo market in Buenos Aires who gives me a good deal on vintage seltzer bottles. I love seeing what's new and different in the workshops of some of my regular vendors as well.

Travel gives me the opportunity to settle in a while, to live, if even just for a week, as if I were a local. It frees up my gregarious alter ego, that seems to carry me along, allowing me access to places, and parts of me, that otherwise may not be discovered. It is the freedom to expand, to be who I am in the world, and to express and engage with others in ways perhaps I do not see at home. I like being an ambassador, it makes me a better person, on display, I think, too.

The challenges present can be daunting, but I love a good challenge, and I love seeing just how resourceful I can be, in problem solving, and in navigating new places and new situations. I struggle with languages, not my strength, but I don't let that stop me. I struggle along, and somehow, especially if it involves business, or eating, we work it out. I think through pure intention, some hand gestures perhaps, a little help from new friends, I seem to get by. You'd be suprised!

Exploring the food and drinks scene wherever I go

I love great restaurants and bars, and that can mean a lot of things, depending on where I am. Generally it means energy, the excitement you feel when you know the food is going to be fresh, creative and well prepared. I love the energy at the bar, as I'm often traveling alone, I find bar staff are more than willing most times to indulge me and my meager language skills. I feel a little more like a local, when I can converse with a bartender or waiter, off and on throughout lunch or dinner. And some local wine, or a cocktail helps too. Pisco anyone? I do research, checking out what is new, what's different, what the top chefs are doing, and of course, the bartenders.

Capturing moments, taking pictures

Many of us, if not most, see ourselves as amateur photographers. Travel presents many opportunities to capture moments, scenes, architecture and nature like we never see at home. Much as I cringe at all the iPhones held high, I think it is great that so many are taking up this art form. I love seeing, and sharing my pictures from recent travels, and I say, no food pic shaming!

What do you like about what you do?

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